All songs written by Sarah Siddiqui

Song "Show Me" non-lyrical melody written by Tim Bovaconti

Executive Producer/ Producer- by Sarah Siddiqui

Co-producers: Chris Hegge, Francois Martin, Christopher D'Arcy Wright

Sarah Siddiqui-all vocals, tracks 1-12 
acoustic guitar,tracks 1-12 
kick drum,tracks 5, 7

Chris Hegge- kick drum, tracks 5, 7
bass, tracks 4, 5, 8 
acoustic guitar, tracks 5, 8 
electric and 12 string guitar, track 4
tambourine, track 4

Tim Bovaconti-electric guitar, tracks 6, 9 , EBow, track 6 

Tony Rabalao- drums, tracks 6, 8

Kevin Fox- cello, tracks 7, 3, 6, and body of track 1

Cris Derksen- cello, track 10, and intro/outro of track 1 

Don Kerr- cello, tracks 9, 12 

Bob Cohen- electric guitar, track 42

Francois Martin- EBow, track 7
acoustic guitar, tracks 4, 6, 8, 7

backing vocals arranged by Sarah Siddiqui, Francois Martin, and Christopher D'Arcy Wright
Track 1 arranged by S.Siddiqui and Dame Alexander 
Track 4 arranged by S.Siddiqui and F. Martin 

All songs mixed by Chris Hegge and Sarah Siddiqui at Audiolab Recording Company. 
All songs mastered by Karl Machat at Mister's Mastering House.  

Chris Hegge engineered and mixed the album at Audiolab Recording Company 
Francois Martin engineered 2-8, 10
Don Kerr engineered on tracks 9, 12 at Rooster Studio 

Thank you God, to my family for your love and support...To Zahra for always being there for me...for persevering with me, to Chris Hegge for your support and kindness throughout the journey. Thank you to all the musicians who came through on this album. Also I would like to acknowledge and the Toronto Arts Council for funding this CD. Shouts out to the IndieGogo donors for your support as well.